For university students with sight loss and visual impairment conditions, using tools that can empower them to be proactive and independent are imperative to their education and learning development.

Charlotte Nickson is a student at the University of Greenwich, studying Accounting and Finance and has three genetic eye conditions. She uses Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader software for her university coursework. 

Dolphin SuperNova’s many features have helped to benefit her during her studies and have become a big part of her learning journey. Charlotte uses the speech feature to proofread her work, as it reads aloud words as you type. Completed documents can also be read aloud with playback, allowing her to spellcheck and ensure that her coursework is mistake-free and to the very best of her ability.

As Charlotte’s sight has deteriorated, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader has ensured she can carry on working and learning even as her sight changes without having to learn any new software. With its adjustable touchscreen magnification, she can easily magnify her screen when typing or reading and she can modify it to what suits her needs. 

The perfectly clear and smooth text even on larger displays and 8 magnifier views including full screen and split-screen, and the ability to magnify on as many displays as required, make it easy and simple for students to use on any project. 

Students can also choose from 24 colour schemes to reduce glare and maximise comfort while reading. They can create a bespoke scheme, adjusting brightness, contrast, and the coloured tint of their screens and can replace difficult to see colours with shades they recognise.

Charlotte: “I sometimes reverse the colours, especially when using Excel, to make it easier for me to track what row and column I’m using. And I quite like using the highlight functions, especially when using the internet.”

SuperNova USB has also helped with supporting Charlotte on any computer that doesn’t have SuperNova installed. The USB allows you to take a portable version of the SuperNova features and experience instant access complete with the student’s exact settings, without any setup and creates an easy solution to making devices accessible for visually impaired students anywhere. 

SuperNova’s Connect & View feature also enables students to connect a document camera, turning their laptop or computer into an affordable video magnifier. This enables students to magnify and read printed articles, books and other small print on their computer screen.

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