Iansyst Statement on Racial Inequality

All of the team at Iansyst wants to make a stand against racial inequality. We are a team with a shared sense of purpose, to help disabled people through the use of technology and support, and we believe in equality for all.

To bring about positive developments for greater equality, we recognise that we should challenge ourselves and make changes.  In recent weeks, we have started to explore the issue of unconscious bias, to become more aware and discussing the subject to gain different perspectives, we’re already experiencing better practices as a result, including our approach to recruitment. 

Diversity has become a key part of our strategy, we have appointed a Diversity and Inclusion Senior Manager and have dedicated more resource to build an inclusive workplace. 

Together, we want to make a difference and we are committed to do all we can in our area of expertise to help reduce racial inequality.



#WorkingTogether Podcast

At iansyst, we’ve been working with Disability Horizons to create a set of podcast videos highlighting key issues for those with disabilities. Working with, and interviewing our wide network of contacts in the marketplace we hope to bring you knowledge and information from the sector as well as furthering the discussion around disability, inclusion and diversity.

Iansyst bite-size interview: Hardwiring Workplace Adjustments with Toby Mildon

Martyn Sibley chats with Toby Mildon about workplace inclusion. They discuss Toby’s career working as a diversity and inclusion manager and his new diversity and inclusion consultancy. Martyn and Toby go on to discuss the challenges and possible solutions faced by businesses trying to create more inclusive workspaces.

Iansyst bite-size interview: Martyn Sibley interviews Sally Ward from PurpleSpace

Martyn Sibley talks with Sally Ward about her work with PurpleSpace, the world’s only networking organisation for disabled employees and those with long-term health conditions. They discuss how when an employee network is set up and run well it can create an overall beneficial culture of inclusion for the business as a whole. Sally identifies the 3 key areas for networks to concentrate on. Those are Collaboration, objectives (less is more), and sponsors and stakeholders.

Iansyst bite-size interview: Nicola James of Lexxic talks with Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley chats with Nicola James about her journey as a student and then later a business owner living with dyslexia. They discuss her first business Lexxic and how it’s empowering other neurodiverse individuals. Nicola goes on to talk about the launch of her latest e-learning venture Neuro Talent Unlocked and her exciting plans for its future.

Iansyst bite-size interview: How can we get one million more disabled people into work

Ever wondered how businesses attract new talent? Did you know disabled people are an invaluable untapped group of labour? If you want to learn more about employing disabled people, this podcast is a must listen! In this episode, Martyn Sibley, talks with Gill Hudson (Head of accounts management and training services), and Mark Woodward (workplace coach, assistive technology Trainer and a workplace needs assessor) for Iansyst. The experts in inclusive workplaces.

Martyn Sibley and Chris Cusack talk about the power of assistive technology in work