Consultancy and SEN services

Providing educational professionals with consultancy and training

We recognise that more schools are seeking to improve their knowledge of how best to support pupils with learning difficulties and provide them with tools and learning strategies to help them achieve their potential. The following offerings we provide have grown around the needs of our educational customers but should you have any other specific needs, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

Review of SEN Assistive Technology provision consultancy

Our Special Educational Needs – Educational Consultants can conduct a review of SEN assistive technology provision across an establishment, and give advice on how to make the best use of existing technology, highlighting any gaps and sharing best practice.

Assistive Technology Needs Assessment for pupils or staff

We offer a technology assessment to match an individual’s needs to help accommodate their disabilities. This is a one-to-one consultation where software and hardware solutions are explored and demonstrated when possible. A short report of findings and recommendations, as applicable, is included.

The Needs Assessment is appropriate for students and staff who may have:

  • issues using a computer with a conventional keyboard and mouse, eg due to an upper limb disorder, including repetitive strain injury.
  • sensory issues such as visual impairment or hearing difficulties.
  • other difficulties, eg dyslexia /SpLD, cognitive issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

We also provide a range of inset seminars and training sessions for educational teams – find out more here