Data Backup Consent

Iansyst Customer Data Backup

It is very important that you back-up your personal data. Iansyst cannot accept any responsibility for any data that may be lost during a computer repair.

If you have requested iansyst to carry out a data backup for your computer, we will attempt to back up your user data folder (usually stored on D:\Users) and encrypt its contents to be securely stored on our server with the following clauses:

You agree that during your repair we can store your backup on our secure server for the period of your repair. Your data will then be archived and stored for four weeks thereafter it will automatically be deleted. We take no responsibility for any data lost whilst your system is in for repair.

If your computer and/or hard disk drive requires a complete replacement; iansyst will securely store the physical drive for four weeks after your repair, it will then be destroyed and the backup deleted.

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