Feedback and surveys

iansyst takes pride in making sure we provide excellent customer service throughout the sales process. From providing relevant information, answering your enquiries, supplying goods and services in a timely fashion and making sure our after sales; (including technical support), is of a very high standard.

We greatly value all your feedback and have several surveys which help us to monitor the quality of our service. If you have a few minutes, please take any of the surveys on this page which you feel are relevant to your experience with iansyst. But, most importantly, please fill in the “one click” survey as often as you deal with us. We want every transaction to be a good one

When you ’click‘ on one of the surveys below you may be taken to another one of iansyst’s websites to complete the survey.

iansyst ‘one click’ survey

A short survey relating to your overall experience with iansyst.

The one click survey is open to anyone who has recently had contact with iansyst.

If you are unable to use the online feedback, please contact us and alternative formats will be made available upon request.

Delivery Satisfaction Survey

This survey relates to the delivery and installation of your equipment provided via your DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) by iansyst.

This Delivery Satisfaction Survey
is for you if you have recently received equipment from iansyst.

Technical Support Survey

This survey relates to the technical support service provided by iansyst.

The Technical Support Survey is for anyone who has recently been in touch with the technical support department to help resolve an issue you had with your computer, hardware or software.

Training Survey

This survey relates to Training provided by the Training Department of iansyst.

The Training Survey is for anyone who has recently received Training on their assistive technology.

Assessor Feedback

The Assessor Feedback form is open to all assessors. It is designed to help us improve our service and has a selection of questions covering needs assessment requirements, what you think of our website ( and your general views on iansyst.

This Assessor Feedback Form is suitable for all assessors and we would be grateful for input.

Feedback using the DSA QAG’s online student survey

iansyst are also happy to offer you a link to the DSA QAG’s online student survey. By participating you have an opportunity to improve or change the DSA services being provided to yourself and other students undergoing the DSA process this year and in the future. By participating DSA QAG are offering the chance to win an Ipod Touch.

This link will take you to the DSA QAG’s online survey.