Access to work

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Access to Work is a government funded scheme run by Job Centre Plus, which provides a grant that covers equipment and support for an employee at work.

The scheme ensures that if a person at work has a disability or health condition, they can get the right  provisions that can help them overcome difficulties in their working life. Whether they have a neurodiverse condition, such as dyslexia, a hearing or visual impairment or a physical disability, if it impacts the individual’s effectiveness at work the grant can cover the extra help necessary to ensure the person’s productivity and wellbeing. 

Our Access to Work Products and Services

Through Access to Work, we can provide the correct provisions and support that can help the individual be more productive and independent. Our services and products include:

Training through Access to WorkAssistive Technology (AT) software, hardware and ergonomic solutions

–  Assistive Technology training

–  Workplace Coaching Sessions

–  Support for the individual

–  Workplace consultancy

Who is entitled to Access to Work?

An employee will be entitled to having additional support through Access to Work if they’ve had a disability or health condition longer than 12 months. Once they have a medical report which determines their condition, they can apply for Access to Work and then have a workplace assessment, where their job processes are evaluated and the right adjustments are recommended.

The individual must meet one of the three requirements…

To be a recipient of Access to Work, the individual must be either in paid work, unemployed and about to start a new job or self-employed. 

What Support Can You Acquire Through Access to Work?

Access to Work can help employers make “reasonable adjustments” and allows staff to overcome their personal barriers. Whether it’s financial aid to help them travel to and from work to helping them with certain tasks that are crucial in their job role, the grant can cover:

– Assistive technology and training

– Workplace strategy coaching

– Adaptations to premises

– Travel to work if public transport is not an option

– Communicator at job interviews

Click here for more information from the government website on Access to Work