Iansyst is happy to introduce a range of new innovative products to the list of assistive technologies we offer.

Speaksee Microphone Kit

Speaksee is the first microphone system able to transcribe group conversations.
Speaksee shows you in a different colour per person what’s being said so that you can easily see who says what.
Beam forming microphones ensure high accuracy also when there is background noise.

Find out more at dyslexic.com

iView Health & wellbeing Smart Watch

iView are a dedicated team, passionate about promoting positive mental
health and wellbeing. iView Health & Wellbeing has been developed to
support individuals to achieve optimum wellbeing, through personalised goal
setting informed by analytics of daily habits and health monitoring.

This new system consists of the iView Smart Watch, the iView Health & Wellbeing
App, iView Analytics and iView Chat.
Find out more at dyslexic.com

OrCam Solutions

Transform the Way You Read

For people with dyslexia, mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties, and for anyone who
consumes large amounts of text.

The OrCam MyEye

With innovative gesture control, the OrCam MyEye can automatically read the text in front of the user by simply
pointing to the section of text to be read. The OrCam MyEye is wearable, wireless, lightweight, and
inconspicuous. It attaches magnetically to a pair of glasses via a small holder device.

The OrCam Read

OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind handheld device with a smart camera
that seamlessly reads text out loud from any printed surface or digital screen.

Find out more at Dyslexic.com


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Caption.ed is a captioning solution application that works as an extension of your chrome browser.  Ideal for those with dyslexia it provides highly accurate captions in real-time on virtual lectures, study materials or zoom calls. It works on any media, from video to live audio even with accented voices and highly specialised terminology.

TalkType Dictation Software

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TalkType speech recognition software is designed for Mac and helps those with dyslexia and physical impairments. It allows you to control your computer and applications using over 200 voice activation commands. Its next-generation language processing gives you the ability to transcribe quickly and accurately when creating email forms, presentations essays, and more.

Dolphin SuperNova 19

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Dolphin SuperNova V19 software is a screen magnifier and screen reader solution for those who are visually impaired. The range of unique features allows you to create your perfect blend of magnification, colours, speech, and braille, ideal to suit a variety of accessibility needs. With crystal clear magnification from 1.2 to 64 times, SuperNova maximises reading comfort to make text perfectly smooth, even on larger displays and is suitable for Windows laptops, tablets and desktops.

Global Tasks

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Global Tasks is an app specifically designed for students with dyslexia and mental health issues, which helps them to organise and prioritise their tasks. The system syncs tasks in all of your devices, and gives the ability to see all of your projects visually organised in one place, allowing you to know which deadlines are coming up and improving focus on the tasks at hand. Global Tasks runs on a browser on MacOS, Windows computer and Android and iOS phone.

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