Iansyst are pleased to host two free webinar events for DSA Needs Assessors focusing on Dolphin SuperNova V19, software that empowers blind and partially sighted students. Dolphin, established in 1986, have expert knowledge in assistive technology software for those with visual impairments, with thousands trusting their products.  These webinars will provide the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments of SuperNova V19. 

13th October – 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

23rd October – 2.00pm– 3.00pm 

The SuperNova V19 software is a leading screen magnifier and screen reader which has a huge range of adjustable features to create a perfect blend of magnification, colours, speech, and braille display support.  With crystal clear magnification from 1.2 to 64 times, SuperNova maximises reading comfort to make text perfectly smooth, even when the font size is increased to larger displays. 

Dolphin have developed SuperNova to be incredibly easy to use including touch screen commands. The product enables students to have complete access to Windows applications to write and edit documents, use office applications, and to also research online with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge web browsers.  The webinar will also feature the Supernova Connect & Learn feature, designed for low vision students who need a portable video magnifier and a lightweight windows laptop, ideal for connecting to a whiteboard. SuperNova is also available on a USB memory stick to give students with sight loss instant magnification and speech on any Windows computer.

The webinar will also launch a new VI assessment service offered by four ATSPs: Iansyst, Wyvern, Remtek, and Invate. The ATSPs have teamed up to provide a UK-wide visual impairment assessment service for assessors which includes the Dolphin SuperNova tools.

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