Training and coaching services

We believe it’s integral that people with disabilities have the right support, whether that is from their employer, school or university.

We understand that each individual is unique so it’s important to match the right provisions for them to overcome their personal obstacles.

At the heart of our business are our professional training services.

Our team of employed consultants and trainers have an excellent reputation for delivering very high quality training and we often receive feedback from our customers on how our training services have helped to change their lives and the way they study.

We invest in continuous professional development for our training and consultancy team.  Recently we invested in a new range of specialist coaching training, so that each of our trainers can also provide coaching services. This all contributes to increasing our understanding of how to work with, and engage, people to overcome the barriers and issues they face, helping them to achieve their own aims and objectives.  All of our trainers have professional accreditation and also have an enhanced DBS clearance in place.

Autism Awareness Training

Our Autism Awareness Training sessions will provide an understanding of autism and how it affects the individual.This will allow fellow employees and managers to understand the autistic person’s challenges on a day-to-day basis and will also offer strategies on how to work with their strengths.

Disability Awareness Training

We offer a range of disability awareness training sessions, so that managers and employees can understand how to help their colleague who has a disability or a health condition. Our sessions aim to create an “enabled” workplace that instils confidence into employers and employees so they can understand how to work with individuals with additional needs, which will create a stronger workforce.

Assistive Technology Training

At iansyst, we have an excellent reputation for the quality of our training, as we have a team of nationwide Assistive Technology specialists who have had years of experience working with students. Our trainers have a friendly and patient approach, as we understand the importance that each individual is confident with their software and equipment. Our sessions are tailored to the student and their disability, so they understand how to work their new product at their own pace.

Workplace Strategy Coaching

We have a team of trained and experienced coaches who will work one-to-one over a number of sessions. All of our coaching sessions are bespoke and they are designed around each individual and their specific role, difficulties and strengths.Our trainers understand that each individual is unique and work in different ways. With our coaching services, we can help develop different working strategies to help compensate for difficulties and make the most of strengths.