iansyst has over 29 years’ experience in working side by side educational institutions to provide IT solutions, assistive technology, consultancy and support. We source the highest quality special educational needs software and technology to assist learners with learning difficulties, physical or sensory impairments.

Education Consultancy Services

We recognise that more schools are seeking to improve their knowledge of how best to support pupils with learning difficulties and provide them with tools and learning strategies to help them achieve their potential.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services for the Education sector including Training, Technology and a review of current provision.

Inset Seminars & Training

Below is a selection of sample seminars we provide. Please contact us for further information.

Assistive Technology and the SEND Code of Practice Includes an overview of Technical Needs Assessments in schools, note-taking solutions, voice recognition, mind mapping, literacy support tools and portable scanning devices.
Dyslexia Awareness Overview of Specific Learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and attention difficulties. Covering typical symptoms and how it might be accommodated for students or staff in Education.
Electronic Alternatives to Readers & Scribes There are very cost effective alternatives to using a reader & a scribe. Several options will be demonstrated & discussed. Electronic solutions give an independent means to students to access written material and record their thoughts.
Literacy Support Tools Tools to support the curriculum will be demonstrated with particular reference to English language and literacy development. Products covered can include literacy support tools such as Read&Write and ClaroRead, and Concept Mapping tools such as Inspiration.
Group Product Training Overview of a specific product as requested, covering its use in the classroom with concrete examples. Products offered include Read & Write, ClaroRead, Audio NoteTaker, Mind Mapping, Voice Recognition, LiveScribe Pen, etc.
One-to-one Product Training Training on how to use assistive technology is highly recommended to ensure users are fully able to use the specialist software. Our aim is for the learner to feel completely comfortable with the technology.
Group Preview Demonstration of assistive technology solutions to meet need. An opportunity to see the technology in action before purchase.
Clinic Days Individual appointments with an Assistive Technology Specialist. A opportunity to get some hands on experience of some of the software and hardware available for people with dyslexia and other disabilities; suitable for teaching staff with individual students and their families. Clinic Days can take place at your school and could run in parallel with other school events such as Parent Events.

Conferences and awareness seminars

Education Events and Conferences

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We often run a selection of Education themed Conferences and Seminars throughout the country to deliver the latest information about all the education services available.

Technical support and loan equipment provision

A number of Higher Education Institution (HEI)’s already run loan schemes for Assistive Technology devices to help meet their Equalities Act obligations.

Others will be considering doing so in order to cater for students that are not currently supported through the DSA scheme.

For a simple and expert service, iansyst can set-up, manage and maintain your universities loan portal.
For the last five years iansyst have been administering and managing a loan portal scheme throughout the UK. This has seen us create a bespoke and secure web portal for university staff to control their loan stock.

We have also developed processes and an SLA for processing orders, deliveries, returns, maintenance, customer service & support and re-calibrating returned stock for reuse.

Our current loan service includes:

Bespoke loan pool portal with live updates which show current stock availability and allows the University to allocate stock to an individual with the option to select a tailored selection of Assistive Technology to be pre-installed before delivery.

24/7 access to view all of your loan equipment, their status, whether they have been assigned to a student and when they are due to be returned.

Full arranging of equipment delivery and collection when loan period expires by iansyst.

We will clean, repair (if required) and store all equipment in a secure warehouse facility ready for the next student.

We provide technical support for the entire length of the loan and even training sessions on how to use the devices if required.

For more information about this service contact info@iansyst.co.uk or call the team today on 01223 420 101

Non-Medical Help Provision

Our trainers are able to provide on-site training tailored to the pupil or staff member to help enable them to get the most out of their technology.

One-to-one training allows learners to be trained on the computers they use, at their own pace. The trainer will tailor sessions to suit the individual’s need, keeping them structured but flexible and giving as much hands-on practice as possible.

Training on how to use assistive technology is highly recommended to ensure users are fully able to use the specialist software. Our aim is for the learner to feel completely comfortable with the technology.

To find out more, check out our Training Services page.

Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) provision

We are a leading, QAG accredited, Disabled Students’ Allowance supplier. We have dedicated teams throughout the United Kingdom to help students with their assistive technology equipment, training and support.

For more information, visit our DSA page

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