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Specialist Assessments from iansyst

Iansyst offer a Specialist set of assessments, for those going through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) Scheme.

Our experienced accessibility specialists will visit the student and carry out an in-depth assessment, recommending adjustments relating to a specialist condition (i.e. a Visually Impaired student) and will provide a full report to the student’s Needs Assessor to be included in their general DSA assessment report.

The specialist will meet the student at their home and ask a number of questions so as to full understand their strengths, difficulties and the adjustments that will be required for the next stage in their education.

A report will then be submitted back to the student’s DSA Needs Assessor listing our findings and recommendations.

This service is free, and can be requested by a Needs Assessor by emailing info@iansyst.co.uk.

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