What to Expect

AT Training

Where will it take place?

Your training will be provided either remotely or in person. Your trainer will contact you before your session to make arrangements and answer any questions you may have. If your training is being delivered remotely, your trainer will email a link for you to click on at the start of the session, and be on hand to help with this, and to set up the video call so that they can see your computer screen and your assistive software – and no, you don’t have to have your video on at any point if you don’t want to!

If your training is being delivered face-to-face, your trainer will work with you either at your desk or a quiet area, with you and your computer.

What will the session look like?

Now let’s take a look out what a training session looks like. First, it’s important to know that the whole ethos of Iansyst assistive training is that it’s your training session, and we will tailor your training to fit around your needs and wants. Also, we promise that there will be no tests, exams, or questionnaires!

Your trainer will usually start your session by telling you a little about themselves, and then giving you an overview of your new tools.

Then your trainer will ask you about your role, and about what you’d like your assistive technology to help with. At Iansyst we believe it’s our job to understand how your tools can help you with your specific requirements – and that’s different for everyone, which is why the training is one to one.

Training is very much about you using the assistive technology, with your trainer guiding and training you at a pace that works for you, giving you the space for as much practice as you want, and to ask as many questions as you like.

How long are the sessions?

Training sessions are usually up to 2 or 3 hours long, but, as we promised earlier – they’re your sessions. That means your trainer will be guided by you. If you feel you’ve had enough training that session or there are aspects of the tools you’d like to practice on your own, you can finish earlier.

What happens afterwards?

At the end of your session, your trainer will ensure you know how to find any further information you may need, like any additional help or training resources that are available with the software – and of course, you will have the contact information for iansyst’s Support team too.

And we won’t leave you there – if you have questions or difficulties with any aspect of your assistive technology, you can reach out to your trainer or Iansyst at any time.


We hope that gives you an insight into what to expect from your training – it really isn’t scary, we promise!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch by phone, email or through our website.