Why is Disability Confidence is important to Business?

16% of working age adults in the UK have a disability or long-term health condition. What percentage of disabled individuals does your organisation employ?

Organisations that set themselves up today as a disability confident employer will be in a great position to support employees of the future.

We believe that disability confidence (and a disability confident policy) has wider benefits for all. It’s about creating an inclusive work environment where everybody can thrive because you are in the business of removing barriers for employees. And it’s not just about disabled people today, it’s about your employees who could develop
a disability in the future.

How we help businesses become disability confident

We are committed to helping businesses improve their support for staff. We often find that HR and senior management want to do the right thing but they may not know where to start or understand the types of adaptions that are needed.

With our team of workplace coaches and trainers, we can help all businesses throughout the UK implement a workplace adjustment framework, which includes workplace assessments, assistive technology (software, hardware and ergonomics) along with training, one-to-one strategy coaching, workplace consultancy and Disability Awareness workshops for your staff.

Why sign up to disability confident?

When businesses widen their recruitment search and have the confidence to support disability, they will attract more suitable and skilled candidates.

In the UK, there are seven million working age people with a disability or health condition but only half of them are in work. When employers tap into this larger talent pool, they will not only find more loyal and skilled candidates but also help increase the UK economy at large.

By being Disability Confident, organisations also gain a positive image which is attractive to potential customers. When businesses are inclusive, they are representing a larger portion of the UK and can tap into the “Purple Pound”, which is the £249 billion spending power of disabled customers.

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    How can you create a disability inclusive workplace?

    We have a host of videos that offer a snapshot of some of the most important points in creating a disability inclusive work culture. Here is founder of Evenbreak, Jane Hatton, on the benefits of employing disabled people – it’s a must watch!

    You can receive more content from Jane Hatton and our other guest speakers for free!  Sign-up to access some of the most important takeaways of our event, which can help improve your existing practices and build a disability inclusive framework in your organisation.

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    Iansyst helps businesses in the UK become Disability Confident by providing tailored support for disabled staff. If you would like to arrange a free consultancy about how we can partner and offer services such as workplace assessments, assistive technology, training, disability awareness workshops and one-to-one strategy coaching, email marketing@iansyst.co.uk or call 01223 420 101.