Ergonomics and workstation assessments

Individuals who may require ergonomic equipment include employees in the workplace, who may spend most of their working day sitting at a desk on a computer. Without a supportive chair and desk, they can be susceptible to experiencing pain and discomfort in their working environment. When it comes to employee wellbeing, it’s important to think about the equipment we all use on a day-to-day basis as this can help relieve or prevent conditions such as arthritis, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), carpal tunnel, back problems and more.

Working with workplaces and also educational organisations of all sizes, iansyst provide a service which addresses four key areas:


Phase 1

In the first phase, we will provide a professional assessment to ensure that your employee leads a comfortable and healthy working life. Our Ergonomic Assessors will carry out Ergonomic Assessments to examine an individuals working environment. During the assessment, we will examine the individual’s keyboard, mouse device, display screen, software, furniture and working environment. Recommendations of any ergonomic equipment will be made where appropriate.

Delivery and Setup

Phase 3

Our Ergonomic Assessors will deliver your new ergonomic equipment to your working environment at a convenient time and date for you. During the delivery, they will assemble the equipment for you at your workstation, ensuring that you are comfortable and know how to adjust equipment if necessary.


Phase 2

After the assessment, we will provide recommendations of any ergonomic equipment that will help to improve the individual’s health and comfort in their working environment. Our comprehensive knowledge on disabilities and ergonomics means we are able to provide a vast range of ergonomic equipment including ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, alternative mouse devices and keyboards.



Phase 4

The final stage is one that will remain with you. We will provide all the support you require going forward, whether you are having difficulty using your new equipment or require a new piece of equipment – we will be here to support you.