This webinar being hosted on 11th August 2021. This webinar we are presenting will help you learn more about access to work

Join Mark Woodward, Senior Workplace Coach, Trainer and Needs Assessor for a free interactive session on all things Access to Work. Learn more about the process, find out what support is available, and see how you can provide additional resources to your employees to benefit them in their role.

Are you looking to support an employee through access to work? Are you a manager or a member of a HR team that is looking to support your disabled employees with additional resources?

If the answer is yes then our webinar could provide the answers to your questions. The session will include detailed information on how the Access to Work scheme works, including how employers can make reasonable adjustments for their employees, support disabled individuals in the workplace and build more inclusive teams. 

You will have a chance to participate in a group discussion and ask any questions you may have surrounding the Access to Work scheme.

Have questions already in mind? You can send them to and we will answer them during the webinar.

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