We recently hosted a successful webinar for Caption.Ed the new online captioning software for DSA students and Universities, already approved by SFE, SFW & SAAS for DSA solutions.

Caption.Ed is a new product published by TalkType. It has been designed for disabled students, universities and public sector organisations, in order to provide captioning for live audio and pre-recorded media. A DSA Student version of the product works out of the student browser to caption any online media and pre recorded media from YouTube to Zoom calls, and is powered by AI to display highly accurate captions in real time.

It does not require any integration with an organisation’s system and is an innovative way to provide high quality institutional captioning to meet WCAG 2.1 requirements.

Also featured in the webinar was the TalkType Speech recognition software, built specifically for mac users giving the ability to control your apps with over 200 voice commands.

The webinar gave the attendees an opportunity to learn more about the captioning software and discuss software developments.

If you would like to find out more, email us at info@iansyst.co.uk