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Upgrade your DSA computer to a Macbook or higher specification laptop at iansyst


We are a leading, QAG accredited, Disabled Students' Allowance supplier. We have dedicated teams throughout the United Kingdom to help students with their assistive technology equipment, training and support.

Founded in 1983, we have built up an skilled and knowledgeable team with expertise in providing assistive technology and computer equipment for students. We also have a support team in place to answer any questions you have and they look forward to supporting you throughout your course.

All of these things means that we can provide you with the best products and make sure that you are fully supported for the entire duration of your university course.

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This is an image of a disabled student placing their DSA order on iansyst's website.

Did you know that you can fill out our online form and place your DSA order online? All you will need to do is fill out a short form, attach a scanned copy or photograph of your confirmation letter and we will take it from there.

This is an image of a DSA upgrade MacBook.

All disabled students who receive a laptop or computer have the opportunity to upgrade their order. iansyst are able to provide higher-specification Mac and PC upgrades at a small additional contribution.

This is an image of itspc - the iansyst DSA assessor portal to create quotes for disabled students.

To make quoting an easy process, we have developed an online quoting system for DSA Assessors. Itspc allows assessors to create quotes at all times.

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The DSA is one of the disability benefits available in the UK for disabled students. It is a Government grant to help meet the extra costs students may incur as a result of a disability.

Image of the funding that is available for disabled students through the DSA

As of 2015, disabled students need to pay the first £200 of the order. There are different rates of allowances available for full-time, part-time and postgraduate students.

This is an image of the ergonomics we provide through the DSA

We offer a range of ergonomic workstation equipment including ergonomic chairs and specialist mouse devices. We also carry out ergonomic assessments for disabled students.