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The Re-adjust Services available to improve accessibility in your workplace

Re-adjust Services

General Awareness Training

This general awareness training is designed for all employees and aims to give a broad understanding of disabilities.

Senior Manager Briefings

These short 45 minute briefings are designed to inform managers of their responsibilities regarding disabilities in the workplace.

HR Awareness Training

Awareness training developed specifically for HR professionals to help identify and understand the difficulties associated with disability in the workplace.

Line Manager Awareness Training

Awareness training specifically developed for Line Managers to help identify and understand the difficulties associated with disability in the workplace.


We are able to offer specialist advice on screening issues, helping to develop screening questionnaires and review staff self-referral information.

Workplace Assessments

Working with individuals to gain understanding of their role to match specific adjustments to individual needs in the context of their job.

Review of Reasonable Adjustments

Review to ensure reasonable adjustments for disabled employees are up-to-date and ensure that the most appropriate adjustments are still in place.

One-to-One Strategies

A highly effective support provision, where a trained consultant will work on a one-to-one basis with disabled staff to develop a personalised work strategy.

Assistive Technology Training

Training on specific Assistive Technology to enable the end-user to get the most out of their computer.

Maximising Use of Assistive Technology

We will evaluate specific work tasks to bring together the knowledge gained during the Assistive Technology training sessions, with its application in particular work situations.

Ergonomic Assessment

A DSE assessor can assist clients in identifying what equipment is best suited to improve a persons condition whilst working at their desk.