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10% of the British population are dyslexic; 4% severely so

Screening and Assessment

Dyslexia Screening

Our team of specialist consultants offer a comprehensive service solution including screening and diagnostic assessments for dyslexia, as well as workplace assessments for a range of other disabilities.

Online dyslexia screener

The dyslexia screener is a new online software tool developed to enable employers to quickly and easily screen staff. The screener does not replace a dyslexia diagnostic assessment delivered by a qualified specialist; it offers pre-assessment screening to identify those individuals with a high probablility of dyslexia.
The screener takes about 20 minutes and covers a range of different exercises from which a report is automatically generated.

Diagnostic dyslexia assessments

the aim of this assessment is to diagnose dyslexia - a specific learning difficulty. The assessment is carried out by one of our dyslexia professionals who will conduct a series of assessment tasks. Two hours should be allowed for this assessment. following the assessment a report is writtedn for the employer/employee.

Workplace assessment

Workplace assessments are understaken in the employees' usual place of work. An analysis of the job content and the tasks this entails, along with the working environment, is conducted. A report identifying areas of difficulty, together with recommendations for reasonable adjustments and assistive technology solutions, is produced.

Dyscalculia screening

We offer organisations access to a web-based dyscalculia screening tool, which comes with administration tools and will reproduce an automatically generated profile and recommendations.