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Removing barriers for disabled employees

Assistive technology in the workplace

Assistive technology can remove barriers, motivate employees and provide tools for employees to achieve their potential. By positively promoting good practice of assistive technology, the workplace can become welcoming to all staff.

iansyst provide the total solution to assistive technology; we have very specialist knowledge, capabilities, partnerships and alliances, products and resources.

Increased productivity and employee satisfaction

Assistive technology can enable employees to increase their productivity and reach their full potential as it can remove or minimise difficulties experienced. This results in increased motivation and job satisfaction: fulfilled employees lead to higher staff retention. 

Enabling talent

Assistive technology can remove barriers to promotion. For example, a 'hidden' disability like dyslexia might stop an employee from applying for a promotion if they find it difficult to write reports, etc, preventing them from demonstrating their true talent and ability. 

Legal Requirements: Equality Act 2010

iansyst's team of specialists can assist organisations to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010, whereby an employer has a duty to make reasonable changes for disabled employees. These are known as 'reasonable adjustments'. Adjustments should be made to avoid an individual being put at a disadvantage compared to non-disabled people. The Equality Act 2010 also provides legal rights for disabled people regarding access to goods, services and facilities.

Employer of Choice

Through working with HR teams and Occupational Health Professionals, and by providing a quality consultancy service, we deliver a level of excellence in assistive technology solutions and reasonable adjustments. Organisations who embrace these cost-effective solutions provide another good reason for becoming an 'Employer of Choice'.

Customer expectations

iansyst can help you and your employees become aware of, and understand, the help you can provide to your customers in terms of assistive technology. Your customers will appreciate your having an understanding of their disabilities and the difficulties they experience, whether you are working with the general public or other organisations.