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Top Assistive Technology Products

To help you find the best assistive technology, we have compiled a list of our most popular products. The majority of these products are available to purchase online with free delivery from our shop

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Text-to-Speech Software

Text-to-Speech software enables your computer to read aloud text in a natural sounding voice. Texthelp Read&Write and ClaroRead are our most popular text-to-speech software.

Image of the Sonocent Audio Notetaker logo

Note Taking Software

Note taking assistive technology helps to eliminate the difficulties that are associated with writing whilst listening. Popular software includes Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Olympus Sonority. Livescribe Smartpens and Olympus Dictaphones are also popular note-taking hardware.

Image of the Dragon Professional Individual box

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software transforms a user’s spoken words into digital text. The most popular software is Dragon which is available for PC and Mac. There is also additional software such as Spellex which works with Dragon to provide enhanced vocabulary for subjects such as medical.

This is an image of Mindview

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping helps users to create maps and diagrams to represent their ideas. MindView and Inspiration are both popular types of mind mapping software.

Image of the AcceleRead AcceleWrite App logo

Reading and Writing Support

iansyst’s AcceleRead AcceleWrite is a popular reading and writing software which supports young pupils with literacy difficulties. Other popular examples of software include Global AutoCorrect, Clicker, VeritySpell and more.

Image of the Numbershark box

Maths Support

There is a variety of maths support software which works to help a number of difficulties. Popular software includes Numbershark, Multi-step Maths and Dynamo Maths.

This is an image of the Eye Lighter Reading Ruler

Visual Stress

Popular visual stress technology includes coloured overlays and reading rulers which help to make reading more comfortable. We also sell coloured paper pads and a range of software such as ClaroView which allows you to tint your computer screen to a comfortable colour and contrast.

This is an image of the Nessy Fingers box.

Typing Tutors

Typing tutors help users to type quickly and accurately on their computer. Englishtype, Mavis Beacon and Nessy Fingers are popular examples of typing tutors.

This is an image of the Dolphin SuperNova logo.

Visual Impairment

There is a variety of visual impairment software which supports individuals with different levels of sight loss. Dolphin SuperNova and ZoomText helps those with a range of visual impairments. JAWS helps those with vision loss which prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating the computer using a mouse.

This is an image of the Evoluent VerticalMouse


Popular ergonomic solutions such as alternative mouse devices or keyboards can help those with physical difficulties, as well as reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Popular examples include the Evoluent VerticalMouse, switches and the RollerMouse Pro 2.