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Windows 8 System Recovery from within Windows

by User Not Found | Jun 09, 2014

You may fine this article useful if:

  • Your system has viruses
  • The operating system is corrupt
  • Windows is behaving unexpectedly
  • Multiple applications crash or no longer run

 To restore your computer from the original Iansyst installation you must follow these steps.

1)    Press the Windows + I key.

2)    Click the Power button power button  at the bottom of Settings to open a list of power options.
3)    Hold the Shift key while you click Restart.
4)    After a moment you will reach the choose an option screen as shown below. You should select troubleshoot at this option

Choose an option window

5)    From the troubleshoot menu please select Advanced options

troubleshoot window

6)     From the advanced options menu please select  System Image recovery

7)    The computer will now prepare to recover the original system image. You will be prompted to enter the password for your use account, if you do not have a password please leave this field empty.

8)    You will now be asked the select a backup  , You Should click Use the latest available system image (recommended) , and then click Next.

9)    On the Choose additional restore options page, click Next .

10)    On the confirmation page, click Finish . Then click Yes . Windows begins to restore the computer. Once the restore has finished, Windows will automatically restart