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How to restore the original Iansyst image – windows 7

by User Not Found | Jun 09, 2014

You may find this article useful if:

  • Your system has viruses
  • The operating system is corrupt
  • Windows is behaving unexpectedly
  • Multiple applications crash or no longer run


Restoring your computer may cause you to lose important files and any programs you have installed since we supplied your computer will be removed along with any settings changes you may have made.

It is really important that you perform a full back up of your work to ensure you do not loose important data.
iansyst cannot take responsibility for any lost data during this process
 If you are unsure about running this restore, please call our support line on 0800 018 0145 and our team of technicians will advise you further.

  1. Please make sure the computer is fully shutdown
  2. Turn on the computer  and begin pressing the “F11” key once per second
  3. You should see a message that says “starting acronis Loader…” – Keep pressing the F11 key
    Acronis Loader screen
  4.  After a moment the screen should change and look like this 

Acronis true image screen

5. If you see a box with “Enter Linux Kernel Command Line” press the “Esc” (Escape Key) once.

6. Select the second option “Restore

7. You will be given an advisory notice about the potential loss of data by running this restore. 

8. Only select to continue if you have backed up your important files first.

9. Once you have selected to continue the restore the process will begin. It takes around 20-30 minutes to complete the restore.

10. When finished you will be prompted with an option to restart your computer, Select “restart” and once restarted your computer will be ready to use.