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A collection of the latest assistive technology software and hardware.

New Assistive Technology Products

We have summarised some of the latest products that have just been launched to support individuals with disabilities. To find out more about any of the below products, please email or call us on 01223 420101.

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Brain in Hand App

Brain in Hand is a revolutionary approach to support individuals with conditions such as autism, anxiety, mild or moderate mental illness, or those recovering from a brain injury. It provides the user with personalised support from an app on their smartphone where they have instant access to pre-planned coping strategies. Brain in Hand has a traffic light feature to track the user's anxiety levels with a system to request support if things don't go to plan (partnered with The National Autistic Society to deliver facilitation service).

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iShould App

iShould offers a new and technological way to organise and manage your activities across all platforms and devices, allowing you to plan, share and achieve your goals. Intelligent decision making tools allow the user to optimise their time in line with their own personal preferences. It's a great tool for those with time-management difficulties such as dyslexia.

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Clicker 7

Clicker is a popular literacy support software which helps users of all ages and abilities to develop their reading and writing skills. Version 7 allows the user to insert words or phrases into a document, as well as over 3500 curriculum pictures from the library. It also incorporates recording audio, the ability to hear sentences read aloud and enhanced word prediction.

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C-Pen Reader

The C-Pen Reader allows the user to run the pen across any printed text from books, newspapers, labels and more. This text will be read aloud in a naturally speaking voice to hear correct pronunciations of words. The integrated dictionary defines the scanned word and reads this definition aloud. It also contains a highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) engine which enables you to capture printed text and save this instantly. This can be transferred to your PC or Mac and converted into editable text. 

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