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The first web-based screener for dyscalculia in adults and post-16 education.

Dyscalculia Screener

The Dyscalculia Screener was built in partnership with Loughborough University and was originally launched in the early 2000’s. In summer 2016, iansyst launched a new and refreshed version to make the screening process even easier. You can access the Screener at

It has been designed to screen individuals who are struggling with maths in further education, higher education and in the workplace. The screening process will generally take less than 1 hour to complete and features a series of mathematical questions. These questions have been specifically developed through extensive research and trials to indicate factors which suggest the user is ‘at risk’ of dyscalculia. It looks at establishing the user’s understanding of numbers and their understanding of the application of number to other systems.

At the end of the screening, tutors can view a results report for each individual which can be used to identify problem areas. The Dyscalculia Screener has been designed to reduce anxiety and ensure that the user does not feel that their scores are extremely low.
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