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What Is Text-To-Speech (TTS) Software?

Text to speech software (or TTS as it is often abbreviated to) is one of the most popular types of product used by disabled people. But what exactly is it? and how can it be helpful for people? Put simply, Text to Speech software enables the users device to read aloud text that is on the screen. This may be text found on a webpage, in a word processor, an email or text depending on the software that is used.

When using a computer , often people shall use text to speech software to proofread text that they have written. This is particularly useful if you have dyslexia, as it is much easier to spot a mistake as it is read back to you compared to trying to spot the same mistake by reading it yourself. This however is not the only use for text to speech software, it can also help the computer become more accessible for people with visual impairments, allowing them to have documents, emailsand webpages read aloud to them.

Most mobile devices also have some form of text to speech software inbuilt into their operating system. Although these are often very simple text to speech engines, they normally allow the user to navigate through their device, or have messages read back to them. For some people however these solutions are too basic, and they would benefit from more comprehensive accessibility software that gives them more accessibility tools. Our app CapturaTalk was specifically designed to help such people. If you would like to earn more about its features, more information can be found at