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How To Use CapturaTalk's OCR Feature.

From talking to our users, we have repeatedly been told howof the features that they find most helpful within Capturatalk is the OCR function. But how can you make sure that you always get the best results whilst using it? There are just three things to keep in mind whilst taking your photo so that will make sure you get the results just right.


For Optical Character Recognition to work best it is important to make sure that your photo is well lit. This means that it's best not to take a photo that is too dim as the text will be much less clear. Equally if there is a bright light directly overhead this can sometimes cause a reflection of the light to glare on the text. Make sure that the photo is evenly lit, this easier for Capturatalkto recognise the figures of the words printed on the page.


When you are about to take your photo, try to make sure that the image is as even as possible. Ideally the words will be as straight as possible. This is because when converting the image to text Capturatalk looks for characters that it can recognise, if the words are slanted at an angle, this can prevent Capturatalk from recognising them as easily.

Image quality:

Every detail of printed text matters, and the higher the quality of the image the more detail that Capturatalk is able to see. By making sure that the camera built in on your device is of a good quality you can ensure that every photo contains all the detail that it can.This means that it is able to pick up on the subtle differences between printed letters faster and with much higher accuracy.