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The accessibility and literacy support app for iOS devices.

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What is Capturatalk?

Capturatalk is the all-in-one assistive technology app that has a range of high-quality features to assist with the accessibility of text, literacy and communication support on smartphones and tablets. 

By combining Optical Character Recognition (OCR powered by ABBYY), text-to-speech, screen tint overlays and homophone checker, Capturatalk provides a range of powerful accessibility tools wherever you are, helping you to read, write and access information on the go.

Capturatalk takes the features usually found in multiple apps, and combines them into on app with a huge range of accessibility features. It is available to download from the iOS App Store for iPhones, iPods and iPads.


Key Features:

  • Compose text, either through dictation or typing, and have this read aloud with the impressive text-to-speech technology. Hearing text read aloud can often help those with literacy difficulties identify any errors. 
  • Personalise features to make content accessible and easier to use. Adjust text size, colour, font (dyslexia fonts available) and text-to-speech reading speed. Add screen tint overlays, alter background colour and set a default language.
  • Visit your favourite websites and hear the text read aloud to you. View website in a simple, plain text format to remove distractions such as adverts, images and text styling. 
  • Convert printed text from books, product packaging, signs and more, into editable text. Take a photo using your device and see this instantly transformed into text that you can edit, have read aloud, translated and more.
  • Read digital documents such as PDFs.
  • Phrases library which lists examples of words and sentences to support writing on your iPhone or iPad. Add your own frequently used words or phrases to the library. 
  • Integrated dictionary that allows you to search for a definition of a word and have this read aloud.
  • Using the integrated word processor, you are able to create visually appealing documents.
  • Using speech recognition technology, users can dictate their ideas and have this typed out for them. This can then be read aloud and transformed into an accessible format that suits them. 
  • Synchronise your data to online storage providers including Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Detailed help files showing you how to use each feature within the app to its full capability.
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