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AcceleRead AcceleWrite app support FAQ's

Q: Can I change the text-to-speech voice?

A: No. The product has been built to use the iOS native text-to-speech British voice only. We will look to improve the available voices in the future.


Q: Why can’t I hear any sound when using the product.

A: This is likely to be one of two options.

  • Your Volume level may be low. Try increasing the volume.
    • Your iPad may be muted. The switch above the volume up/down controls may be set as a ‘mute’ button. Slide the button to unmute the sound. The function of this button can be changed to Lock Rotate as follows:
      Open device settings.
      • Tap your ‘Settings’ icon.
      • Then tap ‘General’.
      • Scroll down to option ‘USE SIDE SWITCH TO:’ and select ‘Lock Rotate’.

  If none of the above work, please check that your device outputs sound in other apps and is not faulty.


Q: Can I change the language of the text?

A: No. The sentences are English only. We may look to extend the app in various languages in the future.

Q: Can I access user’s results from another iPad?

A: No. All user data including results are stored to that specific device. 

Q: Can I add and create my own sentences?

A: No. All of sentences within the product have been carefully structured as part of the scheme.

Q: Can I print results?

A: No. We may look to make this feature available in the future.

Q: I have the Classroom version, can I delete users?

A: No, you can only disable users. It’s very important to use your 30 users sensibly.

Q: Can I buy/add additional users above my original allocation?

A: No, we currently do not support this in app-purchase. We may look to make this feature available in the future.

Q: I have set up my iPad to display “Large Type” in general settings. However the font size in this app has not changed?

A: To change the font size use the settings within the app. Changing the global settings will not affect the app.

Q: Can I change the text-to-speech speed?

A: No, currently it is not possible to change the reading speed of the computer reader. However we are currently looking at providing the flexibility to adjust the speed.

Q: I’ve forgotten my teacher login details, what can I do?

A: Unfortunately you will have to uninstall and then reinstall the app to reset the password. This will also mean that ALL user data will be lost. 

Q: Where is the app user data stored?

A: All user data is stored on the device within the app. Uninstalling or changing your device would result in ALL data being lost.

Q: With the Classroom Edition, can i use multiple iPads?

A: You will be able to set up 30 separate accounts, but they must be used on the same iPad