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Providing literacy support for young pupils

Developed and released by iansyst ltd, AcceleRead AcceleWrite provides support for young students learning to read and write and provides an introduction to using Text-to-Speech technology.

AcceleRead AcceleWrite Guide

AcceleRead AcceleWrite was originally developed in 1994 by Vivienne Clifford and Martin Miles, using flash cards and a guide book.

It is now a substantial electronic resource for teachers and parents, providing a teaching guide on how to use a computer with text-to-speech software to improve reading, writing, spelling and listening skills of pupils who are experiencing literacy difficulties. It contains colour-coded flash cards, record sheets and blank flash cards to make your own sentences.

AcceleRead AcceleWrite contains a detailed electronic manual which explains the theory behind the approach.

This manual also contains instructions on how to use with text-to-speech software such as Clicker or Read&Write, record sheets for pupils and much more.

AcceleRead AcceleWrite App

Built on the popular educational resource, AcceleRead AcceleWrite, our app provides literacy support for young pupils on iOS devices.

The app provides ‘virtual’ cards with a series of sentences. The child will read the displayed sentence until they have memorised the words and spelling. They tap on the screen to input the sentence exactly as it appeared to them. Each word and sentence is read aloud to help identify errors. The process is repeated until the sentence is correct and the child can move onto the next level. There are eight levels of increasing difficulty, with the ability to track progress of how many attempts were made at each level and which levels have been completed.

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AcceleRead AcceleWrite is available to download on the App Store and comes in three different licences:

The Lite version gives a free introduction to the AcceleRead AcceleWrite app. You can try a selection of the cards and see how the app works.

The Student version is designed for individual use, allowing the user to progress through each level. Track previous results to monitor your progress. This version contains instructions on how to use the app effectively.

The Classroom version allows you to store up to 30 user records on one device. Teachers can set difficulty levels for each student and monitor their progress. This version contains a full manual explaining the research behind the app, how it can be incorporated into classroom learning and much more.