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Apple Training and Certification

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iansyst can now offer a full range of Apple training courses in conjunction with Amsys, Apple’s premier service and training partner.

If you are looking to update your Mac OS X support skills, gain knowledge of Apples Pro apps or learn how to code iOS apps we have a solution for you.

Training Course: Duration: Exam available:
Support Essentials 3 days Yes
Server Essentials 4 days Yes
Deployment 4 Days Yes
Directory Services 4 days Yes
Security and Mobility 3 days Yes
Xsan 3 days Yes
Objective C for Beginners 2 days No
iPhone SDK 5 days No
iOS Deployment in the enterprise 1 day No
iOS Simple App Development 1 day No
Mac Support for PC Technicians 2 days No
DeployStudio 2 days No
ACMT Full Course 8 days Yes
ACMT Fast Track 4 days Yes
Extending Active Directory 1 day No
Getting Started with Mac OS X 1 day No