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Apple in Education

Founded in 1983, iansyst is one of the longest running disability-focused, education suppliers in the country. We have offered Macs to our customers for many years and in 2005 we were awarded Apple Solutions Expert - Education status, demonstrating we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in investing in Apple as a platform. If you require further advice, suggestions or assistance you can be safe in the knowledge that we have a dedicated Apple account manager and 3 accredited Mac Technicians to help you. We also have an enviable product innovation team, who are on hand to help you match your equipment with your exact requirements and support you when making your choices on assistive technology. Whether you are after a single product or a complete solution, we are here to help you.

10 Reasons for Apple in Education

1. A strong, enduring commitment to education.

For 30 years, Apple has been dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through technology. From products designed with education in mind - such as the durable MacBook computer, to programmes such as the Apple Regional Training Centres, which ensure that educators are well prepared to integrate technology and learning - Apple continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to education.

2. A stable company with a solid financial statement.

Billions in the bank. Zero debt. 35 per cent annual growth. With its solid financials, Apple will be here to fulfil your technology needs now and in the future. Apple remains committed to a long-term partnership with education - offering special pricing to schools and educators and delivering products that cost less to support, install and maintain.

3. Technology that advances learning for a new generation.

The Mac is designed to develop the creative and critical-thinking skills important for today’s learners. With iLife, Apple’s award-winning suite of digital authoring applications, students can produce meaningful digital projects that demonstrate understanding and unleash creativity. And with the built-in Universal Access accessibility features in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, all students can be productive instantly. When you’re looking for innovative approaches to 21st-century learning, Apple provides the ultimate in education technology.

4. A platform that provides high value.

For every technology purchase, it’s important to consider what’s included in the box as well as the time and resources required for installation, training and maintenance. When you consider all the built-in features on a Mac - including a wealth of software, wireless networking and the iSight video camera on the MacBook and the iMac - as well as the low cost of training, support and maintenance, Apple is the clear choice, delivering the highest value for every pound spent.

5. Reliable products that are easy to support.

Apple is the only technology provider that designs the hardware, the operating system and many built-in software applications, ensuring the highest level of stability straight out of the box. Powered by a rock-solid UNIX foundation, Mac OS X Snow Leopard has proved to be more secure than PCs and free from the viruses and spyware that infect them. The Mac is easy to support and provides a safe and secure computing environment for educators and students

6. The most compatible and interoperable technology platform.

With the ability to run applications such as Microsoft Office (sold separately), connect to any network infrastructure, share files with PCs and even run Microsoft Windows, today’s Intel-powered Mac computers provide the ultimate compatibility with a PC environment.

7. High-performance computers and networking solutions.

Apple leads the way in mobile computing, with the best student notebook computers, cost-effective mobile labs and effortless wireless networking. The Mac Pro workstation provides optimal performance - ideal for video editing, scientific computing and network administration. Apple also offers exceptional infrastructure solutions, such as rack-optimised Xserve file servers as well as low-cost and high-performance Xsan storage solutions. Apple delivers unrivalled performance for every education need.

8. It just works.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard provides a familiar interface, consistent menu commands and tight integration between applications. Plug in a printer and it works. Connect a digital camera and iPhoto opens, ready to import photos. Mac OS X Snow Leopard automatically detects wireless networks without any special configuration. The Mac is easier to learn, use and maintain, which means more time focused on teaching and learning.

9. A consistent focus on innovation.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today Apple continues to lead in innovation with award-winning desktop and notebook computers; Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the most advanced and easiest-to-use operating system; and professional applications such as Final Cut Studio, which makes Apple the platform of choice for the film, video and broadcast production industries. No wonder Apple tops Fortune’s “Most admired companies” list.

10. The only technology provider that offers a complete solution.

Apple offers educators a total solution, from hardware to software to services - including professional development in partnership with Regional Training Centres, curriculum software and technical support. Apple’s commitment to education is rivalled only by its dedication to the user experience.

Apple technology is synonymous with innovation, quality and ease of use.