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Shropshire school uses LEGO to teach maths

Shropshire school uses LEGO to teach maths (Wiki Commons - This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License)

School teachers across the country are continuously seeking new, innovative ways to educate their pupils. And that's certainly true of one primary school located in rural Shropshire, which is the first in the world to use LEGO to teach maths.

Birchfield School has added LEGO Education's MoreToMaths product to its teaching arsenal, with the Danish toymaker set to launch it publicly later this month, Toy News reports.

For the past two years, MoreToMaths has been under development at LEGO's head offices in Denmark and the US. 

The product's aim is to help children in the UK succeed in key stage one mathematics. It is said to challenge conventional teaching methods of the subject.

MoreToMaths allows teachers to focus on the learning aspect through a series of curriculum activities designed for 48 lessons and defined by the latest National Curriculum standards.

Hugh Myott, headteacher at Birchfield School, said: "We have got to prepare young people for living in the 21st century, and we have got to get them thinking from a very young age.

"Children are exposed to so much technology that they need something extra and we need to be ready to provide that." 

But while the LEGO product may be beneficial to typically-developing students, it may be less effective for children with learning disabilities, such as dyscalculia.

In such cases, specially tailored educational tools like assistive technologies can be employed.

These are digital software tools that are designed to boost the numerical skills of youngsters with difficulties learning mathematical concepts. For example, the Numbershark program features 50 games that work to give meaning to numbers and number principles like subtraction and addition.