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Working in partnership with NHS Supply Chain.

Proud to be part of the NHS Supply Chain.

iansyst are proud to be working in partnership with NHS Supply Chain. NHS Supply Chain work with a range of suppliers in order to deliver high-quality products to more than 1000 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. 

"NHS Supply Chain provides patient-focussed healthcare products and supply chain services to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Our end-to-end supply chain services incorporate procurement, logistics, e-Commerce and customer and supplier support. With our 2,400 employees, we transact over 325,000 product lines through our systems, procuring a further 386,000 for the NHS to access directly from our suppliers ranging from bandages to baked beans, from gloves to implants and even diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanners." (NHS Supply Chain)

Working in partnership with NHS Supply Chain

by User Not Found | Oct 27, 2014

iansyst are proud to announce that we are now working in partnership with NHS Supply Chain.


NHS Supply Chain are involved in over 30% of the NHS spend per annum. Our products will now be available to over 1000 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across the country.


We’re really looking forward to helping the NHS with our assistive technology products and hope that this will make a big difference in the healthcare organisations. 

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