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This is an image of a woman on a laptop at her desk. She is sitting on an ergonomic chair.

We provide
high-quality ergonomics products, making working life more comfortable for students and employees. 

Types of Ergonomics


On this page you will find a selection of ergonomic products that iansyst supply to employees and students. If you would like to find out more about any of these products or about our ergonomic service please email or call us on 01223 420101.

This is an image of the Whitworth Chair which is an ergonomic chair.


iansyst's range of ergonomic chairs have been designed to provide support and promote good posture in the user's working environment. Many of the ergonomic chairs that we provide include arm rests, neck rests, lumbar support and adjustable features such as height and depth. 

This is an image of the Aluforce Pro 250 M height adjustable ergonomic desk.


We provide a range of desks including high-quality height adjustable desks. These allow the user to quickly change their working position from sitting to standing at a touch of a button. 

This is an image of the Evoluent mouse which helps to reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) whilst at a computer.

Specialist Mouse Devices

We supply a wide range of alternative mouse devices which help to reduce repetitive strain injury and increase comfort whilst working at a computer or laptop. 

This is an image of the Goldtouch Split Ergonomic Keyboard which helps to reduce this risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) whilst at work.

Specialist Keyboard Devices

iansyst's range of specialist keyboards offer individuals a different way of accessing their computer or laptop. Some can help to reduce repetitive strain injury whilst others can support those with difficulties such as physical disabilities or visual impairment. 

This is an image of the Adjustable Tilting Footrest

Posture Support 

We provide a wide range of posture support products including foot rests, leg rests, wrist rests, back cushions and much more. All of these products promote good posture to help increase comfort in the individual's working environment. 

This is an image of the Flexdesk 640 which is a document holder.

Workstation Accessories 

iansyst's range of workstation accessories include document holders, laptop stands, writing slopes and headsets. These ergonomic products help make tasks, such as writing notes or using a telephone, more comfortable.