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"This was, by far, the best IT training I've received."


Book your training for DSA or the workplace.

If you have been awarded training, make sure you book these sessions. Training sessions enable you to get the most out of your Assistive Technology: our trainers tailor the sessions to suit your precise needs. Contact us on 01223 436673 or email us on to book your first session.

We have a nation-wide team of experienced trainers to ensure our customers obtain the most from their new tools. We provide structured but flexible training, which gives as much hands-on-practice as possible and teaches you how to use the assistive technology on the sorts of tasks that you normally perform. We can also provide you with access to our newly developed e-learning portal to reinforce and support the learning of software packages.

One-to-one training

Our trainers are able to provide on-site training tailored to the pupil or staff member to help enable them to get the most out of their technology.

One-to-one training allows learners to be trained on the computers they use, at their own pace. The trainer will tailor sessions to suit the individual’s need, keeping them structured but flexible and giving as much hands-on practice as possible.

Training on how to use assistive technology is highly recommended to ensure users are fully able to use the specialist software. Our aim is for the learner to feel completely comfortable with the technology.