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9 pointers to help writing and reading

by User Not Found | Aug 06, 2015
  1. Help minimise spelling errors with a Franklin Pocket Electronic Dictionary.
  2. Try using a digital recorder, such as the Olympus DM 7 with the Audio Notetaker software, to record meetings, record reminders of things you need to do and assist with note-taking. The Audio Notetaker helps you to quickly reference and annotate your digital voice recordings on the computer.
  3. Consider whether changing the colour of your computer screen background and the appearance of fonts could make reading electronic information easier for you with ClaroRead software.
  4. Improve proof-reading by listening to text read out loud with text-to-speech software such as Read&Write, software which also helps to check spelling.
  5. Minimise the need for typing with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Speech Recognition software. You dictate and it types. You can see the spoken words instantly appear on screen
  6. Expand your vocabulary with the Visual Thesaurus software which can add a variety of alternatives to many words
  7. Remember appointments, names/addresses and access information on the move, with a personal digital assistant (PDA) device such as the HP iPAQ 214.
  8. Organise your ideas and projects visually with MindGenius concept-mapping software.
  9. Access printed information with a scanner and then read the text out loud with Read&Write software.

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