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What changes have been made?

by User Not Found | Oct 03, 2014

The reforms that took place from 1st September 2014 are a transformation of the way support is provided for young people with SEN or disabilities. The reform has bought in some of the biggest changes in 30 years to Special Education Needs and Disability support. This article will explain the numerous changes that have been made to the system and what effect this will have.

The new SEND system means that young people with special educational needs and their families will be placed at the centre of discussions about the support they will receive. They will be able to make their feelings and wishes clear when the local authority creates their Education, Health and Care plan. SEN statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs) will be replaced with the new Education, Health and Care plans (EHCs) up until the age of 19, and in some cases up to 25 years. This plan will be a legal document and will outline the support a young person needs. Those who are going to university or the workplace will not be eligible for an EHC Plan.

The reforms require local authorities to give a ‘Local Offer’ outlining what support will be available for young people with SEN and disabilities. From September 2014, every local authority will publish information about the support that is expected to be available in the area for young people with SEN and disabilities. It aims to provide clear and accessible information about the range of support available.

The SEN Code of Practice has been changed. This document gives guidance from the government on what local authorities, schools and other bodies should be doing in order to support young people with SEN and disabilities. Education, social care and health services are now required to work together to give young people with SEN and disabilities support.

The government have listened to parents and young people to bring together a reform that will support a better transition for young people with SEN or disabilities into adulthood.

To read the full report of the reform please follow this link.

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