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Note-Taking Support

by User Not Found | Oct 18, 2012

Note taking is a skill used to save time and help remember important information.

By actively listening and paraphrasing what is being said you are more likely to understand the information given. However not everyone can process information fast enough to make relevant notes or capable of understanding what the most important ideas are so want to write everything down. People who struggle with reading, writing and spelling will also be disadvantaged when taking notes down quickly.

This is where note-taking support can help you. There are several solutions for people who have trouble writing information down whilst listening to a lecture, participating in a meeting or taking an interview. These range from recording devices to software which will analyse audio files.

If you find difficulty in processing information quickly enough to make meaningful short notes from a lecture, interview or meeting, using a device like the compact and ergonomically designed LiveScribe Echo SmartPen could be the perfect tool for you. It captures information quickly and accurately and will benefit anyone needing to link audio with their short notes.

Using special dotted paper, the SmartPen will remember everything you write, hear and say when using the pen. This information can be uploaded to your computer to sync your handwritten notes with the audio so you can access your recordings at a time of your convenience.

Digital recorders are ideal for anyone who needs a portable and discrete solution to recording information for use at a later date. The Olympus range of high quality digital recorders provides plenty of in-built memory to record meetings, seminars or lessons, as well as your own comments. Simple organisational features make accessing recordings straightforward. The Olympus recorders can be used with the versatile, small and lightweight zoom Olympus ME-32 Microphone to extend the range of recording quality.

An innovative piece of software called Audio Notetaker enables you to decipher digital recordings easily. Providing you with a visual representation of your audio file you can add notes, edit, organise and navigate so you can create a more comprehensive and understandable record of your meeting, lecture or interview; ideal for re-listening to the event. There is a Live Notetaking feature so you can record directly onto your laptop whilst highlighting key points with coloured markers. You can even add PowerPoint slides and images alongside your audio recording.

If you intend to use the Live Notetaking feature of Audio Notetaker why not boost the laptop microphone with an external one such as the Samson Go Mic. This portable USB condenser microphone is ‘plug and play’ so no drivers are required for use with your Mac or PC.

These innovative assistive technology tools will benefit people with disabilities; such as dyslexia, enabling them to access their recorded information quickly and easily. These solutions will also benefit busy people who need to keep a permanent record of their audio files, such as journalists, students, anyone needing to take minutes of a meeting.