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by User Not Found | Oct 11, 2012


Disability can be a sensitive issue in the workplace and at times managers might feel they need some guidance, both as regards their legal obligations and the best way to consult staff.

Here are some initial principles, which we will be happy to expand upon:

  1. Be aware of disability in the workplace, and consider how it can affect work performance.
  2. Become acquainted with your organisation's disability policy.
  3. Read the Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan (if a publicly funded organisation).


A typical action plan for managers could include the following steps:

  1. Discuss the issue of disability with HR and through that department arrange a workplace needs assessment for disabled staff.
  2. Discuss individual needs with disabled employees and investigate relevant ’reasonable adjustments‘.
  3. Inform HR of any disability issues and individual needs that have been identified.
  4. Direct disabled employees to the equality officer for additional support.
  5. Seek targeted disability-awareness training for both themselves and staff.

Disabled people bring to the workplace a range of great skills and talents. The right reasonable adjustments will enable these employees to reach their full potential.