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Stone Group and iansyst strike alliance to bring assistive technology into mainstream schooling

by User Not Found | Feb 11, 2013
Stone computers to come pre-loaded with iansyst special needs products and services

Staffordshire, December 2012, Stone Group, the UK’s IT manufacturer and solutions provider to the public sector, has collaborated with iansyst, one of the most recognised suppliers of Assistive Technology, to provide Stone PCs, laptops and tablets with the option of having a range of pre-installed software supporting students, educators and employers who require assistive learning. The Stone hardware will be supplied to both individuals and classrooms to ensure inclusive and consistent learning environments for all.

iansyst’s Assistive Technology is a range of hardware and software that helps individuals overcome the difficulties they may face due to a disability. It is beneficial to all students and especially for those with dyslexia (and associated issues), those who have visual impairments, are hard of hearing or have other physical disabilities.

Products and services that could now be available as ‘factory setting’ standard from iansyst on Stone hardware include:

  • Text to speech and literacy support packages
  • Mind mapping tools to help with organisation and planning
  • Magnification and speech software to support those with  visual impairments or reading difficulties

According to The Papworth Trust, there are 770,000 disabled children under the age of 16 in the UK. This equates to 1 in 20 children in the educational system.

Better technology and provisions for students with disabilities is contributing to a steady upswing in achievement in the classroom. According to the Office for Disability Issues, between 2005/06 and 2011/12, the percentage of pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 achieving 5 or more GCSEs at grades A*-C has:

  • increased from 66.3 per cent to 88.9 per cent for students without Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • increased from 19.8 per cent to 59.2 per cent for students with SEN without a statement
  • Increased from 8.7 per cent to 24.9 per cent for students with SEN with a statement

iansyst products and services are linked with key stage learning activities in both primary and secondary classrooms. By offering the option of pre-installation, these tools can  be utilised as needed, meaning that Stone computers can be flexible and useful to all pupils in every learning scenario.

Richard Matthews, Education Sales Director at Stone Group commented; “This alliance with iansyst means that students are getting the best software and hardware stack to suit their disabilities, combined with Stone’s customer care and professional services capabilities, right from the beginning.

As schools and colleges make more inclusive provision for students with disabilities, the need for classrooms, libraries and ICT suites to be equipped to ensure consistent learning environments has become an important purchasing driver.”

Simon Colebrook Head of Commercial Developmentat iansyst commented, “Extending our relationship with Stone is going to be beneficial to our users, both on a classroom and individual basis. We’re a great fit, both companies are UK based, well regarded by educators, and focused on providing good quality products and service. We’ll look forward to showing our customers the benefits.”

About Stone

Stone is the ICT services provider to UK Public Sector and education. Stone was established in 1991 with one simple goal; to deliver a better service to UK Public Sector and Education than any other IT or Communications business worldwide. The business specialises in the supply and support of ICT and audio-visual solutions to schools, colleges, universities, local government, the emergency services, the NHS and the MoD.

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