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DfE SEND/Assistive Technology Event

iansyst will be exhibiting at the DfE SEND/Assistive Technology Event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. 

This event will provide an overview of SEND provision and policy with regard to youth programmes, with a particular focus on the application of assistive technology. It will bring together existing examples of best practice from around the sector and give awareness of strategies and tools that providers can consider building into their delivery programmes. This will not only enhance existing provision but will aim to spark innovative thinking about how to extend provision to cater for more SEND learners where this might be appropriate. 

Whilst many providers may know in the abstract that such technological assistance to learning delivery exists, we believe that being able to see at first-hand how relatively simple such adaptations can be and what a powerful effect they can have on the ability of learners to access a curriculum would have real impact with attendees. 

Attendees will ‘build their own agenda’ choosing to attend a mixture of the sessions which best suit their individual needs, priorities and interests. Across the rolling presentations and workshops the event will cover information, guidance and best practice in areas such as:

  • Current legal requirements
  • Identification of need 
  • Common misconceptions surrounding special needs and disabilities
  • Learner support strategies, both pastorally and in teaching and learning 
  • SEND learner views of provision
  • Arrangement and support of Supported Internships and other work experience for SEND learners
  • The availability and application of assistive technologies in delivering youth provision